Cobb's adventure park

covid-19 response plan

Cobb’s Adventure Park

PLEASE NOTE: Starting October 3rd, masks will be required for all indoor activities (Blacklight Minigolf, Haunted Houses)

The number of people admitted to the farm will be booked in timed slots on specific dates. The number of visitors per time slot will be kept at 30 per 15-minute interval. Social distancing rules will apply to all guests and staff during the timed booking.  We will have timed bookings, to keep families or groups safe and to ensure that cleaning can be maintained between bookings. Masks are worn by our staff, but are not required for cutomers (although they are encouraged!).

We recommend that people pay with debit or credit, but we will accept cash if necessary. The person at admissions will be behind a plexiglass shield.  Upon your booked time slot we will have an attendant meet with the group and apply hand sanitizer upon entry.  We will have signs posted throughout the park to remind people to social distance.  We will have an in and out gate process in place.  We are a 20 acre open area park – areas are not constricted so that 2 people can easily pass each other and remain 6 feet apart at any place in the park. 

Guests will be allowed to feed the animal treats.  Attendants will place snack in your hand via scoop.  Visitors will be asked to place the treat on the ground in front of the animal so there will be no transfer of hand sanitizer.  This is an animal sanctuary – petting is not mandatory.    Please remember to wash your hands after you leave the enclosure and refrain from touching your face.  Under current Covid-19 Conditions, some of the animals will be held by sanctuary staff for display only. 

 We will have portable toilets and they will be open.  These washrooms will be cleaned every 30 minutes. Children’s playground equipment will be cleaned and sprayed as per rules outlined by the City of Calgary. Picnic tables and benches will be in place throughout the park – all a minimum of 6 feet apart.  There will be a staff member cleaning these every 30 minutes.

We have handwashing stations throughout the park and they will be operational and cleaned every 30 minutes.

All staff will be monitored regularly for any symptoms.  Anyone who is ill should not visit the farm.  Anyone who appears ill will not be admitted.  Anyone who has returned from outside of Canada is required to stay away until your 14 days self quarantine is complete. 

We have sanitizer at the entrance when your visit starts.   Also available upon request are gloves and masks.  Gloves and masks must be properly disposed of as they pose a threat to the animals.  Handwashing stations are available throughout the park for additional handwashing and are foot operated.  The handwashing stations will be cleaned every 30 minutes.

During timed visits we will ensure that all measures are taken to keep safe social distancing and a clean environment for all.