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Whether it’s getting up and close with our animals, or having fun with our games and puzzles, we’ll make sure you have a great day!
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Kangaroo Petting Zoo

Our kangaroo petting zoo has grown A LOT! We are now up to 60 wallabies and kangaroos (including many tiny babies in mamas’ pouches!). We also have 4 not-so-little pigs, 2 Sulcata Tortoises, alpacas, emus, snakes, chickens, bunnies, ducks, fainting goats, baby doll sheep, ferrets, a green iguana, many sugar gliders and our family is always growing!


Giant Hill Slides

image of cobbs giant hill slides

Pedal Carts

kids on pedal carts in calgary racing

Antique Box Car Tractor Ride

people riding the tractor in calgary


Fence Maze

An ever changing and surprisingly mazey maze. Adults and kids have been known to get lost in here for hours! … Maybe not hours, but tens of minutes for sure!

Axe Throwing

This one is pretty self explanatory, but here’s a reminder. Aim for the bullseye! 

Hop Dots

A deceptive little puzzle in which you hop from dot to dot by color: Red - Blue - Yellow. The object is to get from one corner to another, start in any corner!

Pyramid Puzzler

It's a 3-D Tile Maze! Now you must follow the rules to get to the top of the pyramid, make a wrong choice and you step off the pyramid to start over at the beginning.

Rope Maze

Over 1,600 feet of nautical rope forms a path that leads to the deck of a pirate ship. Kids climb on deck to shout "Ahoy" when they master the maze.

Bouncing Ballz

Lots of fun for the little ones to ride on!


A variety of fun outdoor games including hooping horses, bean bag toss, steer roping and more!

Red, White & Blue Puzzle

Start on a Blue tile and alternate from there between Blue and Red Tiles! Make your way through the White pathways to reach the Red Tile at the end!

Right Turn Only Puzzle

It's in the name! In this puzzle, you may only make a series of right turns to navigate your way to the center!

Outdoor Arcade

A plethora of games including cornhole, cornhole extreme, tiki toss, maze games, and many more!

Math Maze

Test your math skills with this puzzle!  Each tile is marked with a number – you may move that number of spaces in any direction!

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Summer Camps are still available. But slots are booking fast!

Hang with Sloths, a Peacock, Kangaroos, Ferrets, Reptiles and more!🦥 🦚 🐍🐢🦎Click here for Summer Camp info