About the park - PHILOSOPHY

Cobb's Adventure Park is an experience.

When you visit Cobb’s, prepare to be active, think, and learn!


We’ve got a remarkable team here at Cobb’s and it’s a big part of our continued success.

From ticket takers all the way to decision makers, we all take pride in being a part of the Cobb’s team. We are always getting compliments on how great our staff is and that’s because they really are that great!

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Animal welfare

We have gone to great lengths to ensure the proper comfort and care of all of these animals. Too often people buy exotic animals without thinking long term. Many of these animals will outgrow their space and outlive their owners. As a result, exotic animals are frequently sold and resold, and sadly often inhumanely disposed of.

Until now, there has not been one local rescue that is designed to handle exotic animals and give them the unique attention they need, offer them a permanent home, and offer hands-on education programs to schools and the public, teaching them about these fascinating creatures.

As a result, we created Cobb’s Exotic Animal Rescue & Education Foundation (CEAR). We are a non-profit organization dedicated to providing exotic animals rehabilitation, a loving forever home, proper nutrition and veterinary care.

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we need you!

We house over a hundred animals at the park and that’s why we started a non-profit to help support them.

It is a great privilege and responsibility to be involved with these animals and we could use your help! Any donation made will go directly to the food, grooming, vet, and any of the many other costs associated with taking care of these animals.

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Summer Camps are still available. But slots are booking fast!

Hang with Sloths, a Peacock, Kangaroos, Ferrets, Reptiles and more!🦥 🦚 🐍🐢🦎Click here for Summer Camp info